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Everything Popular Is Wrong (Album) 2015

by Deepshade

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Time 03:17
If I could be waiting on the reasons of your actions Would you like the sun inside the sky for more reactions? You’ve been looking for the pieces in my puny mind Get among the starting like to break my fallen kind She said what my line is?” Repent” Its your time, What’s my Life? She said “It’s that time” Before you go and read the lines that slipped behind your reasons Of a thousand lies in the sea of emotions Looking back i see the world in a different view If I would of waited there thousand years for you She said what’s my line? Repent Its that time! What’s my Line she said It’s a lie! She said my life! Repent What’s your kind? She said What’s in my life? Repent
The Line 02:53
Guess I will see you further down the line Thanks for wasting my precious time Enjoy the things that life provides rest assured your decisions fine Hard times trying to make this life seem fine Watch out he steals and cheats and lies Don’t ever let em waste your time See right through him there’s no denying Hard Night The Line Hard Night The Line Hard Right! Tell me something that I will never forget Hard Night The Line Solo He’s stepping over the line X 8 End
Out Of Hand 04:55
The Cards Are stacked against us, Anguish cries from above Dropping bombs and flying drones The worlds in a state of abolishment Welfare Cuts, Tax the poor, MP’s grins falling to the floor Your future in our hands Sit in the shadows of Tory land If its down to you, what could you do? If its down to you, what would you do? If the tides could raise the boats There’s a storm brewing from above Let light and love in your hearts Before it all falls apart The seas shall rage The bombs they fall The guns that fire Children caught In a new war, coming near Start a fight in this here If its down to you, what could you do? Just sit through?... Who lies here on the moon Whose alive here on the moon Lets start a war!
Tattoo 02:13
People say People say I don’t say a word Up your weight Up your worth I don’t say a word People work Trapped by signs I don’t say a word People Say I haven’t said a word What do you mean? I don’t say a word That’s a sign, im taking on this Earth Take your mind of the stray. All bad dreams and all the screams I don’t say a word Im dead and gone Burning down this house I won’t say a word So come on down Come on down I won’t say a word What you see, waiting on this world Can’t you see, ive taken on this earth That’s a sign of nothing in this world Taken on, im taking on the Great!
Do you want my Presence? Or Feel my Hell? Ive got my shattered dreams, a broken Shell If so then accept the reward of Killing Time This life is oh so tragic, this life is fine Empty Space, On my knees, Praying for release In this shade…. Bring The Axe Down The Walls of my Prison draped in Fears & The Moon Light is even Darker in Here The clouds float quietly past my prison bars Leading to the free lands , I depart Empty Space On my knees, praying for release In this Shade…Bring the Axe Down The Clubs, The Scenes, The Sounds The Dreams.. Seen Angels in Concentration Procrastinate for reasons Betrayed by Authentication Im Ready for Damnation Bring The Axe Down
LowLights 03:55
We are caked in Layers Get off my rain coat! Head to Ocean Sky Walk to my rainbow I Seek Guidance, showered in Heat and I see a liar he’s got a brand new dream The Sound Of Silence I started lying Low It’s a pain asylum in my rowing boat And I Seek Guidance showered complete And I see defiance he’s got a brand new dream And I lay on the Low Lights And I stay on the low… Call me a sailboat Head to Ocean Sky Walk to my rainbow through the dark night And I Seek guidance Showered in heat And I see alliance he’s got a brand new dream And I lay on the Low Lights X 4 I stay on the low lights I stay on the low lights and I stay on the low lights Stay on the low.
So I go, Step Down this avenue Past the places we once knew Then I ride through the blood and the mud in the rain Just let go, go on my own Through the maze, that we know My buddies dying He’s dying to meet you there! An Act of God Cruel and in a Cage, I bet your Blood Slowly drips Opaque Still I ride through the mud and blood in tears, my buddies dying he’s dying to meet you there, alright! So I write , riding down this avenue, into the town that we once knew Still I ride through the mud & the blood in the rain, So no Go, I go on my own in to the future, Hanging out with animals My buddies dying He’s dying to meet you there I said he’s dying, Yes he’s dying to meet you there I know he’s dying He’s dying to meet you there all right You know he’s Yes he’s dying to meet you there……
Chairman 04:08
The Vast Grey Sky Sets the scene And the lily white man Shaves his head and dreams Of a world filled with cures Unimaginable grace Procures As the seats they vote But no one scores In a world of rules Were good men die like dogs.. Set the scene, Set the scene , Everyone seems serene, in this world... Oh girl Baby’s arise with the womb Asking every question under the moon If my hearts stops beating What is it you've become? Let go of the ties that bind And infiltrate that passive my mind My thoughts and hearts Are hanging on these walls Is this love? Is that love? Have you ever felt enough? In this world Oh girl Stuck inside the rulers rights This able man turns heads and cries Then all his fears leave him alone!
SadSun 06:48
You feel the cold around the Window Like spiders crawling from the drains The grace of God is on your table Is all that ever will remain? Stand the cold my love. Search and Scratch the Skin Sheets out side the cold and dark is burning Out by Wizards way we start to fall Seen em rumbling tumbling through black Orchids Crying like a screaming child Stand the cold my love Search and scratch the skin You Sad Sun, Don’t get it! Who decides theses falling wings my Darling? Deep inside this pouring flame my dear Who decides this bloody road im riding? Who’s inside this “Take em all” my dear? The Cold Steel Rain? Get out your Brain! Who decides this bloody road im riding? Who’s inside this planet here my dear? Stuck inside the bloody one who’s writing Who’s inside this planet? hear my dear The Cold Steel Rain You Sad Sun, Don’t get it!


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released September 25, 2015

David Rybka Guitar/Vocals
Tom Doherty Bass
Paul Barlow Drums

Recorded by John Kettle at The Old Courts Studios 2015 (Wigan)
Artwork By Simon Misra
Photography by Ashley David Hardman

Released on Ambicon Records


all rights reserved



Deepshade Manchester, UK

Wigan (North West, UK) based Grungy-Psych Rock identity, laced with Stoner Rock vibes. FFO: King Buffalo, Earthless, Weedpecker whilst incorporating elements from influential artists such as Nirvana, Kyuss, Soundgarden, The Doors, Black Sabbath amongst many others. ... more

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